Evaluation board speeds up design time for processor power management applications

Dialog Semiconductor Plc launched a new evaluation board for its recently introduced DA9034 IC that enables designers to configure designs based on Marvell PXA3xx application processors. The new DA9034-EVB provides a complete audio and power management solution for Marvell PXA3xx-based products and is driven using a standard Windows-based graphical user interface (GUI) via a PC's USB interface allowing engineers to significantly shorten development times.

With the DA9034-EVB, developers can evaluate the technical performance of the DA9034 highly integrated audio and power management IC. The DA9034-EVB can also be used in conjunction with a PXA3xx processor system to develop power management and audio control routines and verify complete designs. The board provides a reference PCB layout and uses components typically found in cellular handset, portable media player and PDA designs which are optimized for low build height of less, than 1.2mm, and minimum PCB area.

Dialog Semiconductor's DA9034 IC integrates more than 50 mixed signal functions on a single chip, providing regulated supplies for the PXA3xx processor, memory and peripheral devices as well as supporting lithium ion battery charging, touch screen interface, LED driving, together with voice and HiFi audio codecs. Dialog is the first company, with the DA9034, to support Dynamic Voltage Management for both switching and linear regulators. This technique along with Dialog's ultra efficient Smart Mirror linear regulators and its flexible implementation of the dedicated PXA3xx processor Power I2 C (PI2C) dramatically improves the battery life of end products. All power supplies and control signals are accessible on terminal posts and the DA9034-EVB can be used to power a complete PXA3xx platform design during development.

Commenting on the release of the evaluation system Ajay Parmar, Dialog Semiconductor's director of applications, stated, “As many advanced systems today require sophisticated power management, the interaction between PMICs, processors and other peripherals are key to achieving long battery life. Dialog's DA9034-EVB provides an effective method of developing and testing power management software in a real system environment. In portable and cellular applications, where space is always at a premium, the DA9034/PXA3xx combination allows manufacturers to develop products in the thinnest, smallest and lightest formats.”

“Marvell is pleased that Dialog Semiconductor's dedicated support for PXA3xx based platforms provides system designers with an excellent low power integrated solution for the Marvell PXA3xx processors, memory and peripheral power management. Dialog Semiconductor's IC solutions also support Intel Dynamic Voltage Management for the Marvell PXA3xx platforms, further benefiting designers looking for the optimum balance in top performance processor capabilities and suburb power conservation”, said Sam Arditi, senior vice president of the Cellular and Handheld Group at Marvell.

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