Exar Announces New High Power Controller for Latest Generation of DDR Memories

FREMONT, Calif. , April 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Exar Corporation (Nasdaq: EXAR) unveiled today the XRP6142, the latest addition to its line of market proven low voltage step-down controllers specifically targeted at DDR memory power architectures. Supporting the memory reference voltage V(TTREF), the XRP6142 also provides either the memory buffer supply, V(DDQ), or the terminating voltage supply V(TT) for an optimized point-of-load solution for latest generation DDR memory requirements.

“DDR memories have become the prevalent technology for memory based systems,” said Eric Pittana , director of marketing, Power Product Line. “The XRP6142 is easy to design in and provides a compact and highly efficient power solution for the latest DDR memory generation. By itself or combined with our SP2996 (DDR Bus Termination Regulator), it's a full turn-key solution for powering DDR based systems.”

Architected with a constant on-time control scheme, the XRP6142 controller provides a very fast transient response capable of supporting the most stringent bus load and general load switching. Operating at virtually a constant frequency over the whole input voltage range, it simplifies electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering designs. Requiring no external components for compensation, the XRP6142 provides a compact solution for space constrained high power supply and generic point-of-loads.

Key Product Features

The XRP6142 is a synchronous step down switching controller optimized to operate from standard 3.3V and 5V rails. It supports conversions down to 0.5V from an input voltage as low as 1V and can achieve up to 96% efficiency. Its constant on-time control scheme allows for constant switching frequency operations, from 500 kHz to 1MHz, over the whole input voltage range, fast load transient response while three selectable on-time options (0.5us, 1us and 2us) further optimize the solution footprint and performance. Powerful 2 Ohm integrated gate drivers enable point-of-load designs in excess of 15Amps. The XRP6142 requires no external compensation components and provides an integrated soft-start and precision enable function to implement complex sequencing protocols.

Power Management Products

Highly reliable, accurate, power management is a critical part of any technology system. Exar has a broad array of high-performance and industry-proven power management solutions including handset and lighting controls, power conversion, and standard linear devices.

Prices, Packages, Availability and Additional Information

The XRP6142 is available now in volume quantities and offered in a RoHS compliant, halogen free 16-pin QFN package. Pricing starts at $0.89 for 1K units.

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