Exar Extends Scalability of PowerXR ™ Family of High-Performance Power System Solutions

FREMONT, Calif. , Feb. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Exar Corporation (Nasdaq: EXAR) unveiled today its latest addition to its acclaimed PowerXR family of digital step down controllers with the XRP7708. This highly integrated field programmable power regulator IC has been optimized to provide 8Amps per channel capability while offering a pin and function compatible option to the existing XRP7704 and the XRP7740; Exar's 5Amp/channel and 15Amp/channel regulators.

These power ICs integrate the best of both worlds – the low cost and flexibility of digital power management and control, and the robust power capabilities of analog switching power supplies. PowerXR products will reduce development time from weeks to hours enabling a significant time-to-market advantage. PowerXR devices permit real-time power system adjustments during design, in response to changing requirements or even after field-deployment.

“Exar is redefining the concept of scalability,” said Tim Maloney , senior director Marketing. “While our PowerXR family already offers an unprecedented level of programmability and flexibility for applications requiring up to 5Amps or 15Amps, we are yet adding another dimension to the scalability of these products with an optimized 8Amp version which is drop-in pin and function compatible.  Exar's PowerXR family represents today's state of the art evolutionary and scalable power solution for up to 15Amps.”

Key Product Features

The XRP7708 offers a wide input voltage range (6.5V to 20V), and output range (0.9V to 5.0V), with a built-in Low-Drop Out (LDO) for standby power, power sequencing capability, and integrated gate drivers. This digital power system controller IC contains four digital pulse width modulator (DPWM) controlled power supplies with an effective 12-bit resolution. It contains an integrated LDO regulator that provides a fifth voltage supply, which can also be employed as a standby-voltage source and is fully configurable via an I2C interface for monitoring, control and management of DC/DC point-of-load power conversion. The device contains integrated gate drivers for the high-current outputs and up to six General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins. Exar's Digital Power Studio enables designers to intelligently configure the power supply's voltage setting and current thresholds, fault monitoring and response, soft start and active shut-down timing, and channel sequencing, phase shift management, and loop response, amongst other features. The XRP7708 uses a digital PID (proportional, integral, differential) control algorithm which performs full-digital loop control at switching frequencies to 1.5 MHz.

About PowerXR

Exar's PowerXR products fuse digital power-supply control and monitoring technology with high-performance analog circuitry in a new generation of digital power-management products that enable system architects to create products with advanced, integrated, switching power supplies that significantly reduce wasted energy compared to more commonly used linear power-supply regulators.

Additional Information, Pricing and Availability

Samples of the XRP7708 are available now. Offered in a RoHS compliant, “green”/halogen free 40-pin QFN package operating within the -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C temperature range, the XRP7708 is priced at $5.00 in 1K piece quantities. Additional information on Exar's Digital Power solutions can be found at t alpow e r or by e-mailing .

About Exar

Exar Corporation delivers highly differentiated silicon, software and subsystem solutions for industrial, datacom and storage applications. For nearly 40 years, Exar's comprehensive knowledge of end-user markets along with the underlying analog, mixed signal and digital technology has enabled innovative solutions that meet the needs of the evolving connected world. Exar's product portfolio includes power management and interface components, communications products, storage optimization solutions, network security and applied service processors. Exar has locations worldwide providing real-time customer support to drive rapid product development. For more information about Exar, visit:

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