Fairchild high-voltage MOSFETs optimize system efficiency and reliability

Swindon, UK — Fairchild Semiconductor offers eight new high-voltage SuperFET™ MOSFETs specifically designed to address demanding high-voltage, fast-switching applications requiring high efficiency, such as active Power Factor Correction (PFC), lighting and AC/DC power supply systems. SuperFET technology minimizes conduction losses and increases switching performance by lowering RDS(ON) and gate charge (Qg). The technology is designed to withstand both high-speed voltage (di/dt) and current (dv/dt) switching transients, allowing the devices to operate reliably at higher frequencies. The SuperFET family also has repetitive avalanche energy ratings that are an order of magnitude higher than alternative solutions. These features, combined with a maximum gate-to-source voltage rated at ±30 V (50% higher than competitive devices), allow SuperFETs to provide improved ruggedness that makes them more reliable in high-voltage applications. Fairchild Semiconductor , Swindon, UK.

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