Fairchild integrated PFC controller reduces power loss up to 320mW

South Portland, MN &#151To meet the stringent green standards confronting today’s design engineers, Fairchild Semiconductor introduces a power factor correction (PFC) controller IC that reduces standby power as much as 320 mW in switch-mode power supply (SMPS) designs under 250 W, such as notebook adaptors. In addition to dramatically increasing energy efficiency, the highly integrated FAN7528 saves board space by reducing component count. The FAN7528 is an active PFC controller that operates in critical conduction mode (CRM). Unlike conventional current-mode CRM PFC controllers, it integrates a dual-output control function to increase efficiency with a universal AC input. This integrated feature renders the sensing of the rectified AC line voltage for power factor correction unnecessary, leading to a pronounced drop in standby power in certain adaptor applications, as compared to similar devices. With its ability to eliminate an input voltage-sensing network, the FAN7528 cuts system power loss to 80 mW compared to alternative controllers that need to sense input voltage. In addition to low power consumption, the FAN7528 integrates an open-feedback disable function (65 µA) for excellent system protection against damaging power surges. To further increase power efficiency, Fairchild’s controller utilises a patent-pending variable on-time control method utilised to significantly reduce total harmonic distortion (THD). Fairchild Semiconductor , South Portland, MN.

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