Fairchild jams features in low-power load switches

San Jose, CA — Expanding its suite of load switch technology for ultra-portable solutions, Fairchild Semiconductor today announced the first in a series of IntelliMAX integrated low-power load switches targeting portable battery-powered applications.

Offering a unique combination of protection, control and fault monitoring features in one low-profile SC-70 package, advanced IntelliMAX devices meet critical board space, system architecture, and customer time-to-market requirements for cell phone handsets, MP3 players, digital still cameras, notebook computers, networking products and PDAs. In addition, they are suited for low-voltage in-rush current control in telecom/industrial equipment. FPF200X devices' wide input voltage range of 1.8 to 5.5 V is ideal for today's electronics with battery-operating voltages that can dip as low as 1.8 V.

Each IntelliMAX load switch replaces multiple active and passive components used in traditional analog IC control functions and MOSFET power switch approaches. In addition to saving circuit board area, the IntelliMAX integrated approach speeds time-to-market by providing the designer with a choice of products that enables total flexibility in implementing hardware or software control techniques. The reduced number of components required accomplishing this also leads to substantial inventory and assembly cost-savings.

The FPF200X series offers a range of device options, providing designers with the flexibility to address a multitude of system architectures. Each FPF200X load switch includes controlled switch turn-on, current-limiting with 50 mA or 100 mA options, under-voltage lockout and thermal shutdown. Also included are a flag for fault conditions with options for fault blanking; and auto-restart function — all with 4 kV electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. IntelliMAX also features low-shutdown current (<1 μA) to conserve battery life, and a fast current limit response time (3 μs for nominal over-current conditions, 20 ns for hard short conditions) for safety/fault protection.

“The new FPF200X series of IntelliMAX advanced load switches offer designers an off-the-shelf solution that greatly simplifies designs while delivering excellent power management, load-control and protection benefits,” said Izak Bencuya, chief strategy officer and Power Discrete Group executive vice president/general manager for Fairchild Semiconductor.

Available now, with delivery in four weeks ARO, pricing for the FPF200X begins at 57 cents each in 1,000-piece quantities. These products are lead-free (Pb-free) and meet or exceed the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020B and are compliant with the European Union requirements that are now in effect.

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