Fast 12-bit A/D converter samples up to 250 Msamples/s

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Maxim Integrated Products Inc. said it's raising the sampling-speed rate bar with a 12-bit, 250 Msamples/s A/D converter.

At 250 Msamples/s, this new analog-to-digital (A/D converter) offers the world's fastest sample rate at the 12-bit level, and delivers outstanding dynamic performance over input
frequencies as high as 300 MHz, according to the company.

Analog Devices Inc. (Norwood, Mass.), Linear Technology Corp. (Milpitas, Calif.), and National Semiconductor Corp. (Santa Clara, Calif.), also have 12-bit A/D converters — but they are not as fast as Maxim's MAX1215. Click on the Related Stories links below to take a closer look at these competing devices.

The MAX1215 is intended for designers who need to implement higher order power-amplifier predistortion because the 250 Msamples/s update rate allows them to sample wider bandwidths with greater dynamic range than could have been sampled before, the company said. The device also consumes 34 percent less power than the closest competitor — with a sampling rate is 210 Msamples/s, according to Maxim.

The MAX1215 achieves a spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of 74dBc. It provides a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 66dB at 10 MHz, which remains flat (within 2dB) for input tones up to 300 MHz. The device is suited for wideband applications like cable-head end receivers and power-amplifier predistortion in cellular basestations.

This high-speed A/D converter runs on a single 1.8-V supply. The analog input is designed for either differential or single-ended operation and can be AC or DC coupled. The selectable on-chip, divide-by-two clock circuit reduces the phase noise of the input clock source. The digital outputs are low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) compatible, and the data format can be selected as either two's complement or offset binary.

The MAX1215 completes Maxim's family of pin-compatible 8-, 10-, and 12-bit
parts that can sample up to 250 Msamples/s.

Available now, the MAX1215 comes in a 68-pin TQFN-EP and is specified for the
industrial temperature range. An evaluation kit is available.

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Pricing starts at $47.50 (1,000-up, FOB USA). Click here for the prelim MAX1215 data sheet.

Maxim Integrated Products Inc. , 1-800-998-8800,

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