Fast recovery diodes offered in the 600V to 1800V range

Santa Clara, Calif.—IXYS Corp. has introduced Sonic-FRD, a new-generation of fast recovery diodes that deliver 600-V, 1200-V and 1800-V voltage ratings with different current values from 5A up to 60A.

The Sonic-FRD series is produced in IXYS' wafer fabrication plant, utilizing proprietary and advanced processing technology that optimizes the fast switching speed of the diode, with low forward voltage drop (Vf).

The Sonic-FRD diode family is intended for power applications with high switching frequencies (20-200 kHz), and in boost and free-wheeling configurations, such as in power factor correction (PFC) circuits and switch mode power supplies (SMPS).

All of these will benefit from the optimized characteristics of small reverse recovery current (Irr) and small stored charge (Qrr), as well as a soft recovery. The results are reduced energy losses for the diode as well as for the switching transistor in the power circuit. An added benefit of the soft recovery of these diodes in turn off is the minimized EMI noise they generate in switching and the elimination of the need to add costly snubber circuitry for the switching transistors.

Parts include the DHG5I600PA (5A, 600V); DHG30I600PA (30A, 600V); DHG10I1200PM (10A, 1200V); DHG40C1200HB (40A, 1200V); and DH60-18A, DH2x61-18A (60A, 1800V).

Datasheets: DHG5I600PA, DHG30I600PA, DHG10I1200PM, DHG40C1200HB, DH60-18A, DH2x61-18A.

IXYS Corp.,

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