Femtocell 3G transceiver delivers power and EVM gains

Targeting 3G femtocell basestations, Analog Devices' ADF4602-1 direct conversion transceiver integrates frequency synthesizers, filters and power management circuitry. Used with the company's AD9863 mixed-signal front-end and ADL532x and ADL554x driver amplifier families, it creates a complete UMTS radio.

The ADF4602-1 boasts a receive sensitivity of better than -113dBm from a front end that comprises three single-ended low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), supporting tri-band applications. According to ADI, the single-ended input structure eases interface design constraints and reduces the matching components required for small footprint single-ended duplexers. The receiver integrates all interstage filtering.

The transmitter, meanwhile, makes use of a direct conversion modulator. This is said to result in high modulation accuracy and low noise, and eliminates the need for external transmit surface acoustic wave filters.

The ADF4602-1 requires a 3.3V supply, and typically consumes 50mA in receive mode and 50mA to 100mA in transmit mode. ADI claims this represents 30% power consumption savings and a 50% improvement in error vector magnitude (EVM) when compared to competing devices. The company also says that this solution offers improved data rates and system fidelity in multi-band 3G femtocell base stations.

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