FileMaker Developers Have Two Opportunities to Win Big!

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DUBAI, UAE, April 21, 2011

DUBAI , UAE, April 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

– WinSoft International is Giving FileMaker Developers Two Opportunities
to win, With Their Launch of a FileMaker Solution Contest

FileMaker fans in the Middle East will be excited to hear that WinSoft
International has launched a two-tiered contest in which developers will be
able to show off their software solutions. The two grand prize winners will
receive either a stay at the FileMaker developers' conference, DevCon, in San
Diego, CA
or EUR5,000 from WinSoft International.

The contest is open to FileMaker application developers in the Middle
and other WinSoft International territories. Contestants having already
developed a solution compatible with FileMaker Pro 11 may enter the contest's
first tier, from 18 April, 2011 to 31 May, 2011 and for which the grand prize
will be a stay at the FileMaker 2011 DevCon developers' conference.
Contestants who have not yet developed their FileMaker solution are invited
to enter the second tier from 18 April, 2011 to 16 May, 2011 . Semi-finalists
will be entered to win the grand prize: EUR5,000 from WinSoft International.
Prizes for the runner-ups include the possibility of having their solution
co-marketed and included for sale on WinSoft International's webstore,
assistance with the localization of their solution into English and
subscriptions to the FileMaker Business Alliance program.

The winning solutions will be chosen based on the design, ease of use of
the interface, richness and functionality, the database and link structure as
well as potential for the application in the target market. The 8 member jury
will include beta testers from the FileMaker community, WinSoft International
product managers and FileMaker experts.

For more information and to enter the contest, please visit WinSoft
International at:

(Due to the length of this URL, it may be necessary to copy and paste
this hyperlink into your Internet browser's URL address field. Remove the
space if one exists.)

About WinSoft International

WinSoft International is a global provider of software solutions, helping
software publishers such as Serif, FileMaker and Adobe Systems introduce or
expand their business worldwide.

WinSoft International has more than twenty-five years' experience in
emerging markets business development, providing a full-range of services
from software engineering and localization, to production and sales, to
in-country marketing and distribution.

Along with its headquarters located near Grenoble, France, WinSoft
International has offices in Tunis and Dubai .

Press Contact:

WinSoft International Headquarters:

24, rue Louis Gagniere – 38950 Saint Martin-le-Vinoux – Grenoble –
(France) Tel : +33(0)4-38-02-22-00 – Fax: +33(0)4-38-02-22-11





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