Filter design software upgrade improves productivity, reduces time to market

Allen, Tex. — Quickfilter Technologies, Inc. has released version 4.0 of its QuickfilterPro4A software that is used to design filters that will be implemented in the company's QF4A512 programmable signal converter IC. Version 4.0 provides users with an enhanced user interface, several new filter types, a free-form filter drawing tool, and the ability to create inverse transfer functions with one button click.

The user interface has been redesigned to have the same “look and feel” as the Quickfilter development tool for the QF1D512 Simple and versatile FIR engine (SavFIRe) chip so that the user is working with a familiar format when designing for either device, Quickfilter said.

The QF4A512 programmable signal converter and QuickfilterPro4A software allow systems designers to easily add precision digital filtering to an application. The chip provides an integrated solution including four channels of analog acquisition, on-board analog-to-digital conversion, anti-aliasing filters, programmable gain and FIR filtering. The entire device is reprogrammable and can be controlled via a simple microcontroller. Combined with a wireless controller, the device makes implementing a wireless sensor node easy and effective, said the company.

Pricing: The QuickfilterPro4A software is free. When combined with the QF4A512 development kit, the price for the combo is $199.
Availability: The software may be downloaded from the Quickfilter Technologies web site. Existing users will be prompted to download the update when they plug in their development kit (QF4A512-DK) and launch their old software.
Product information: QF4A512 programmable signal converter, QF1D512 Simple and versatile FIR engine, QF4A512-DK

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