Fingerprint sensor delivers greater durability, improved biometric performance

Emeryville, Calif. — UPEK Inc. has launched the TCS5 TouchStrip fingerprint sensor aimed at 2009 notebook PC designs. Building on the universal usability and secure architecture of its fingerprint sensor technology, the fifth generation TCS5 is said to deliver greater durability, a compact size and price geared for the mainstream market.

The TCS5 fingerprint sensor showcases UPEK's new SteelCoat sensor coating that
delivers greater durability — a critical feature for an authentication user interface s that is six times more robust than competing swipe sensors, according to UPEK.
The sensor has been tested to withstand over 20 million swipes.

The thick SteelCoat sensor coating is made possible by UPEK's unique HD3D (High Definition 3 Dimensional) amplified sensing technology that penetrates thick surfaces to read the “live layer” of the skin. HD3D sensing technology, the same technology behind the only FIPS 201 and FBI certified silicon fingerprint sensor, reads virtually all
fingerprints in all conditions to ensure that authorized and unauthorized individuals are recognized reliably, said the company.

Offering a 144-pixel width, the black TCS5 fingerprint sensor is aimed at design-focused laptop computers. The sensor is housed in a compact 12-mm package for easier integration and lower cost.

The TCS5 is offered with UPEK's next generation Digital ID Hardware Engine, a security co-processor that performs biometric processes — i.e. fingerprint template extraction, storage and matching — in a secure, hardware environment.

UPEK is demonstrating the TCS5 to select PC manufacturers and the press at Computex Taipei, June 3-6. The company is also demonstrating virtualization of its security processor into mainstream PC platforms. UPEK will also preview its Protector Suite software, which leverages the TCS5 to enable a host of productivity and security features including logging in, accessing password-protected websites, launching favorite applications, switching user accounts on shared computers, and encrypting private files.

Pricing: Sub $3.
Product information: TCS5 TouchStrip fingerprint sensor

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