FIR filter chip contains digital gain and compression

Quickfilter Technologies has announced the QF1Da512 SavFIRe, a single-channel, programmable, digital filter with integrated digital gain and compression for insertion into the serial data path of a digital signal or use as an FIR coprocessor. It's offered as the industry's first audio applications-specific FIR filter to contain an integrated gain and compressor stage that directly addresses the issue of dynamic range loss in audio equalization applications.

The compression is performed sample by sample with an instant attack and release. The slope of the compression curve is adjusted as the gain – up to 24 dB – increases, combining to yield the maximum in dynamic range without distortion.

The device has 512 taps capable of generating audio equalization and crossover filters, and can be configured to filter one or both channels of an I2S data stream. It can operate over data rates from 10 sps up to 500 ksps and support resolutions from 12 to 24 bits. Programming is via the company's Quickfilter Pro design software, which supports most FIR digital filter configurations.

Packaged in a 3 x 3-mm QFN, the QF1Da512 SavFIRe costs less than $1.00 in volume and is available now in sample quantities with full production scheduled for the mid first quarter. An associated development kit – the QF1Da512-DK – will be available at the end of February.

Quickfilter Technologies , 214-547-0460,

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