FireScope Unify 5.0 Delivers Fresh Perspective to Technology-to-Business Interrelation and Deepens Integration Capabilities

New Version Introduces Nebula Interface, Incident Financial Penalty Analysis, Enhanced Enterprise Service Bus

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Feb. 28, 2012

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. , Feb. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — FireScope Inc., the leader in aligning customers' technology performance to their business and customer experiences, today announced the general availability of FireScope Unify version 5.0, marking the first appearance of a completely redesigned interface option named Nebula and significant enhancements to its Enterprise Service Bus, among many other enhancements.

The Nebula interface, available as a user-configurable option, leverages the latest in HTML5, CSS3, Canvas and jQuery technologies to improve informational density and further refine FireScope's “2-Clicks to Root-Cause” signature capability.  Much of the design of the new interface was driven from extensive discussions with FireScope customers, and the myriad ways they are visualizing their environments ranging from C-level business performance dashboards to granular specialist views and communal service status screens.  The new interface moves the solution's primary navigation to an unobtrusive ribbon at the top of the page to enable wall-to-wall visualization of how technology performance drives business outcomes.

“When you consider the massive amount of data that FireScope collects and the intelligence it produces, visualization can present a challenge,” said Bret MacInnes , Practice Manager for UCS/FlexPod.  “With the Nebula interface, FireScope has found the perfect balance of presenting the right information to the right people and allowing that information to be consumed at a glance which enables the ability to easily drill down to the root cause of the issue.”

A tour of the new Nebula interface can be viewed at

“FireScope customers recognize that our development isn't driven by how many new features we can pack in, but in how we add measurable value,” said Jason Beavers , Senior Vice President of Technology Operations for FireScope.  “How you visualize information is just as important as how you collect it, every new perspective offers opportunity for new insight and therefore added value for the business.  This is why every customer we have previewed Nebula to during its development has immediately asked how quickly they can get their hands on it.”

Also introduced in version 5.0 of FireScope Unify are enhancements to event and policy escalations, offering new insights into the financial costs of repeated incidents and thus helping customers keep their commitments to customers while driving greater efficiency from their technology investments.  At individual Event Definitions, Aggregate Event Definitions and Policies, users can now trigger escalation of events based on their frequency over a period of days or a specific date range.  Once an escalation is triggered, the solution will calculate a cost of the failure, by frequency of incidents or duration of violation, which can be used for contractual penalties, chargebacks and more. 

For example, users can configure a scenario whereupon a critical application process fails to meet transaction performance thresholds 6 or more times in a week, escalating the event to the business owner and communicating the cumulative financial penalty of $1500 per instance of failure.  FireScope Unify's integrated report builder can also leverage this added dimension of event analysis to provide strategic analysis of service performance from a financial perspective.  No other solution on the market includes this capability, marking yet another industry first for FireScope.

FireScope Unify's Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) has also received significant enhancements in this release.  The ESB provides FireScope's unique ability to integrate with virtually any business application, homegrown solution and legacy monitoring and management toolsets – all without requiring users to write code or edit files.  The end result is that organizations can easily and effectively aggregate all of their technology and business data into a single interface to correlate technology performance with business outcomes and shape future investments to maximize competitive advantage for the business. 

In this latest release, all connections are now completely isolated from other connections for improved performance and hot deployment of new connections is now supported.  Other improvements enable greater possibilities for future integration support with JSON, REST, as well as providing a flexible and extensible architecture that easily supports growth and dynamic change and business needs evolve.

Release notes for FireScope Unify 5.0 can be found at

Existing FireScope customers with active maintenance and support agreements are encouraged to use the automatic update capability in their FireScope deployments to receive this update.

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