Fiscal POS for South America from Revel Systems iPad POS Is Here

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 1, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. , May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — South American stores now have the option of installing the first iPad Fiscal POS system that meets the regulations of local governments.

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Revel Systems, a San Francisco POS company, has outfitted its revolutionary iPad POS software to be compatible with government regulations in certain parts of the world. Revel's goal has been to make their software available to franchises. Many franchises have locations outside of the world. Revel has been working toward expanding their services into international territories.

There are numerous regulations for international franchises that are not required of franchises located in the United States . Revel Systems is determined to help their franchise customers meet any and all regulations or requirements so they may operate Revel Systems' iPad POS systems in their stores. 

One specific requirement required of many international franchises is the fiscal printer for POS. Fiscal printers are government regulated. They track all sales tax generated by that store. The system then locks and stores that information in a certain portion of the system not accessible to the rest of the system. The government can then access the information and use it to make sure merchants pay all necessary taxes.

Revel has added the fiscal printer as another component to its innovative technology.  It is a third party tool which has payment app connections and reward app connections. These are connected to its third party application programming interface. This allows the whole system to run through Revel Systems' iPad POS. Revel provides complete support for its international franchise customers' fiscal printer connections.

Revel has many features most clients don't realize are available. These features will make the system simple and easy for clients to understand. Revel is able to meet the needs of all new incoming franchise clients, from fiscal printers required by a local government to free and paid modifiers. A Revel Consultant can gather all the needs of a franchise client and setup the system to meet all requirements. 

The fiscal POS printer option is the latest in new technology from Revel designed to enhance their client experience and meet their needs. You can find more information about Revel Systems and their revolutionary technology at

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