Five high-frequency filter responses combined into one IC

San Jose, CA, — Mixed Signal Integration announced a Resistor Programmable Active High Frequency Filter IC that has five different filter responses. The device can be configured for low pass, band pass, high pass, Notch and all pass responses. Butterworth, Bessel, elliptic and Chebyshev filters also can be implemented. Center or corner frequencies up to 1 MHz are achievable.

The MSRAHF will operate at center frequencies up to 1 MHz while drawing 10 mA typical supply current. The MSRAHF will work to 100 kHz with only 2 mA typical supply current in low power mode. The filter also offers a power down pin to reduce current consumption when the filter is not in use. The MSRAHF includes two second order filter sections and runs from a single +5V supply. It requires between two and five external resistors to set the filter characteristics depending on the desired response. Additionally, no clock signal is required.

The ratios of external resistors are used to set the Q, center or corner frequency, and gain. Filter sections can be combined together in a cascade arrangement to produce higher order filters.

The MSRAHF can be applied in a range of data communications, wireless, telephony, portable, instrumentation and general-purpose systems. It can also be employed as anti-alias filters, reconstruction filters, tracking filters, for harmonic and noise analysis, or in spectrum analyzers.

MSRAHF Features
– Independent Q, frequency and gain adjustments
– Low sensitivity to external resistor variation
– Operates up to 1 MHz
– Q range from 0.25 to 50
– Low Power Operation
– Power Down Mode
– Cascadable for Higher Order Filtering

Spectrum Analyzers
General Purpose Systems
Portable Systems
Anti-Alias Filters
Reconstruction Filters
Tracking Filters
Harmonic Analysis
Noise Analysis
Data Communication
Wireless Applications

The MSRAHF is available in a 20 pin plastic SOIC package for $3.95 in 1000 piece quantities.

Mixed Signal Integration, Inc. specializes in analog and mixed signal standard products and custom ASICs in CMOS and BiCMOS technologies. For more information, contact MSI at 2157F O' Toole Ave., San Jose, California 95131. Telephone: 408-434-6305. Fax: 408-434-6417. Web Site:

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