Fixmo Sentinel 4.0 Combines Powerful Mobile Device Integrity Assurance With Comprehensive Mobile Management

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ORLANDO, FL – BlackBerry World 2011 – May 4

ORLANDO, FL – BlackBerry World 2011 – May 4 /PRNewswire/ – Fixmo Inc. today
announced Fixmo Sentinel 4.0, a solution that ensures the integrity of
mobile devices while offering comprehensive multi-platform
infrastructure management. Fixmo is demonstrating Sentinel 4.0 at Booth
330 at the BlackBerry World Conference.

Sentinel 4.0 allows enterprises to enjoy all the benefits of mobile
connectivity, while mitigating the risk to important organizational
information. Fixmo Sentinel 4.0's powerful features give customers a
wide range of benefits including device assurance, achieved by managing
the integrity of mobile devices to ensure they start and stay in a
known and trusted state; policy compliance, which detects any changes
to mobile device policies and configurations; and device audit,
documenting an organization's compliance with regulatory policies.

Sentinel 4.0 also features tools that allow enterprises to
cost-effectively manage their entire mobile infrastructure end-to-end.
Through a single interface, administrators can manage every facet of
their enterprise's mobile devices, from provisioning, through usage
monitoring, analysis and reporting.

“Sentinel 4.0 will be the most complete mobile infrastructure management
solution available,” says Rick Segal , Co-Founder and CEO of Fixmo. “It
combines risk management capabilities with a set of tools for mobile
device management, allowing organizations to gain all the benefits of
mobile connectivity, while securing and managing all mobile devices
across the enterprise and government organizations.”

The core of the Sentinel solution is its integrity monitoring
capability, which is based on technology originating from the National
Security Agency's AutoBerry program. Fixmo acquired the rights to the
AutoBerry technology through the NSA's Technology Transfer Program.
Sentinel effectively monitors devices across the enterprise to ensure
they remain in their original state. If an event occurs that
compromises a device's integrity in any way, dynamic device policies
initiate immediate corrective action and alert administrators to the

Sentinel's policy compliance features detect changes to mobile devices
and configurations and can take immediate steps to secure a device.
Sentinel can also alert the administrator who can choose to take
additional steps.

Device audit capabilities enable Sentinel to ensure customers can
maintain and prove compliance with regulatory policies for mobile
devices. Failure to meet these policies can put an organization at risk
of citations, service closures and lost customer trust.

Sentinel 4.0's mobile management features include multi-platform
support, robust scalability, application monitoring via advanced
whitelisting, dynamic policies to respond instantly to compromising
events, a centralized administration dashboard for immediate remote
response, bulk operations for large-scale user management, VIP group
management and comprehensive logging and event recording.

Sentinel 4.0 will be available at the end of Q2, 2011. For more
information, visit

About Fixmo Inc.
Fixmo Inc. is a leading provider of secure, end-to-end, multi-platform,
infrastructure management solutions for enterprise mobile devices.
Fixmo provides enterprises with powerful tools to manage the risk
associated with mobile devices, giving customers device assurance,
policy compliance and device auditing.

Since launching Fixmo Tools in early 2010, the company has added
solutions that address challenges enterprises face dealing with the
complexity and risk of mobile devices in their workforces.

For more information please visit

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