FlexDAC Touts Non Volatility

Xicor, Inc., a leading supplier of high performance analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, today announced the introduction of a series of Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) targeted at the bias adjustment and calibration market. This family of products integrates a single channel, 12-bit non-volatile DAC, voltage reference with selectable gain and level shift, a configurable output buffer and general purpose EEPROM into a single chip solution.

The flexibility of the X79000-series can achieve effective resolution of 14 to 16 bits by utilizing its programmability and non-volatile storage at a 12-bit DAC cost.

The X79000-series offer several advantages for bias and calibration applications such as data acquisition, sensor signal conditioning and power amplification bias. These devices provide several non-volatile registers whose values are restored during the power up of the device, making the device capable of operating independently of a microcontroller.

The flexible DAC, or FlexDAC, devices provide user configurability of the following functions:

Non-volatile initial-value, DAC-register that restores the values during the power up

“Push-Pot” style DAC control that allows for incrementing or decrementing from the initial DAC value in either one LSB or byte or word steps, making the device ideal for calibration or human interface

Non-volatile selection of both the upper and lower DAC ladder voltages using a single internal voltage reference.

A serial interface allows for on-the-fly selection of these values without any hardware changes using an internal variable gain and level shift circuits. This provides digital selection for course or fine voltage output span.
Unbuffered Output or Buffered Output (configurable via external feedback) options.

64-Bytes of general purpose EEPROM to store manufacturing information, calibration coefficients and other important information such as curve-fit profiling, signal conditioning parameters and device or system identification.

“Xicor's FlexDAC provides system designers with a device that is ideal for bias and calibration applications. The FlexDAC series has integrated several functions to allow design flexibility for either calibration or on-the-fly applications,” stated Tony Ochoa, marketing manager of Standard Linear Products.

“For instance, the voltage span sub-ranging of the FlexDAC devices can optimize the DAC output range for optimum system adjustments and control. By matching the output voltage span of the DAC to the system required
voltage range, the effective resolution of the DAC increases to 14 or even 16 bits in some instances.

The sub-ranging capability and excellent linearity of the FlexDAC series provide a lower cost alternative to 14 or 16-bit solutions without missing codes. This digital flexibility can be achieved without any hardware changes.”
Summary of Features

12-Bit Resolution with 0.5 LSB max DNL
Internal reference with digitally-selectable gain and level shift for the DAC output voltage span
Optional external reference pins 64 Bytes of general purpose EEPROM
Programmable non-volatile DAC initial value Register
Optional binary weighted “Push-Pot” Style UP/DOWN interface
Guaranteed Monotonic Operation
Power ready indicator to ensure proper operation with system host
Feedback buffer output option for gain Amplification
Voltage reference output (1.21V) option
Slave address hardwire pin identification allows control of up to 32 additional DACs using a single SPI serial interface
VCC = 5V 10%

he X79000, X79001 & X79002 in 20-lead TSSOP are available now, with 1k unit prices starting at $2.75 USD,$2.70 USD and $2.65 USD respectively.

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