Flip-chip stereo headset amplifier boosts audio in handsets

Geneva—STMicroelectronics has announced the TS4601, a stereo headset amplifier that improves audio performance, extends battery life and enables more responsive user controls in feature-phone applications.

The TS4601's power-supply rejection ratio of -107dB (typical) prevents noise in the handset battery from reaching the audio output. Power is also well-managed through a sub 2-microamp stand-by mode.

The TS4601 is housed in a low-profile flip-chip package measuring 2.1×2.1×0.6mm. The TS4601 can be used in many other portable and consumer products demanding high audio capabilities and system-level performance advantages, including MP3 players and notebook computers.

User functions and configuration control are managed via the device's built-in I²C interface.

Pricing: $1.30 in quantities of more than 1000.
Availability: From February 2008.
Datasheet: click here.

STMicroelectronics, 1-781-861-2650,

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