Floating gate analog voltage reference may have the industry’s lowest power consumption

Milpitas, CA, — Intersil Corporation announces the newest addition to its high-precision voltage reference family, the ISL60007. It is a 2.50V voltage reference that features the industry's lowest power consumption (1.08μW) combined with high accuracy (±0.5mV), low temperature coefficient (3ppm/°C) and long-term stability (10ppm / square root of 1kHrs). Fabricated in Intersil's revolutionary Floating Gate Analog (FGA) technology, the ISL60007 voltage reference is ideal for high accuracy battery-operated systems.

Intersil's FGA technology raises the performance standards for initial accuracy, temperature coefficient and drift-over-time while drawing an unprecedented low supply current. The higher accuracy and lower power consumption of the ISL60007 allows higher precision for industrial, analytical and other such portable systems coupled with extended battery life. This extended performance cannot be achieved with conventional technologies.

“By storing the reference voltage as a precise charge on a floating gate, Intersil is able to produce precision voltage references that feature exceptional initial accuracy, and extreme long-term stability at low supply current,” commented Jules Farago, marketing manager for Intersil's Precision Voltage Reference Products. “The performance of this product surpasses many of the most accurate voltage references currently available.”

Unlike bandgap and buried zener technologies that depend on the voltage produced by a silicon junction, FGA technology produces reference voltages by storing a precise charge on a floating gate cell, resulting in extraordinarily accurate and stable references that are essentially unaffected by external influences such as variations in temperature, supply voltage and time.

Summary of Features
* Reference voltage 2.50V
* Absolute initial accuracy options ±0.5mV and ±1.0mV
* Low temperature coefficient options 3ppm/°C, 5ppm/°C and 10ppm/°C
* Long-term stability 10ppm / square root of 1kHrs
* Typical power consumption 1.08μW
* Supply voltage range 2.7V to 5.5V
* Ultra-low supply current 400nA
* Source and sink current 7mA
* ESD protection 5kV (Human Body Model)
* Temperature range 40° C to +85° C

* High resolution data acquisition systems
* Precision instrumentation
* Digital meters ” laboratory and handheld
* Industrial control
* Precision sensing — thermal, strain gauge
* Battery management systems
* Medical systems — diagnostic and patient monitoring

The ISL60007 voltage reference is now available in a standard 8-lead SOIC package with 1,000 unit prices starting at $3.15 for each IC. To learn more about Intersil's Voltage References, visit the company's web site at: Intersil voltage references

For more information about Intersil visit the company's web site at

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