Fort Polk Directorate of Emergency Services Deploys Intergraph® Public Safety and Security Software to Enhance Base Security and Streamline Incident Response

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala., May 25, 2011

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. , May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Fort Polk Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) has successfully deployed a suite of Intergraph® public safety and security software to empower emergency responders and security personnel with the ability to detect, assess and respond to a variety of threats and incidents on the United States Army base Joint Readiness Training Center & Fort Polk, Louisiana .  


Implemented as part of a technology upgrade aimed at improving emergency response capabilities across the west-central Louisiana military installation, the Intergraph software provides Fort Polk 's emergency and security personnel with first response, force protection and incident command capabilities in a single, common operating picture(COP) for effective and efficient decision-making and streamlined response.

Events are automatically created through the interface with E911 and base wide fire alarms providing real time situational awareness for the installation COP. In addition, the common operating picture is enhanced with automatic vehicle location (AVL) data that enables call-takers to dispatch the closest and most appropriate response resources to any incident on the Army installation.  

Fort Polk 's public safety and security technology upgrade also included outfitting police and fire response vehicles with mobile data terminals, allowing responders in the field to view COP crucial incident data and maps for optimized emergency response.

Through the open architecture of Intergraph's public safety and security software, the Fort Polk DES can communicate with civilian public safety agencies outside of the installation, allowing for interoperability and information sharing in the event of large-scale incidents requiring a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional response.

“Every day, our emergency response and security personnel strive to ensure the safety of all who live and work at Fort Polk and we are confident that the Intergraph software will enhance our security posture and improve incident response,” said Police Chief Bobby Lungrin , Fort Polk DES. “We are committed to ongoing augmentation o four public safety and security infrastructure to keep pace with the latest technologies to save lives and protect property on the base.”

“Intergraph has successfully implemented eleven public safety and security systems for the United States Army and we are honored to support response and security personnel at Fort Polk ,” said Brig. Gen. Jack Pellicci , U.S. Army (Ret.), President and CEO, Intergraph Government Solutions. “By harnessing the power of Intergraph's common operating picture that integrates incident data, the location of response resources and physical security information, Fort Polk 's emergency responders and security personnel are prepared to effectively respond to a variety of incidents.”

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