Foundry offers modeling tool for analog, RF customers

SAN FRANCISCO — Specialty chip foundry Jazz Semiconductor Thursday (June 1) said it has made available a Process Control Model Tool (PCMT) to customers through the company's eBizz Web interface.

The PCMT allows designers to close the loop between simulated results from silicon models and actual results for product designs at the lot, wafer, or die level, according to Jazz (Newport Beach, Calif.). The PCMT allows designers to correlate wafer measurements to simulations, serving as a tool for design optimization and cycle time reduction, the company said.

Jazz said it believes that difficulties encountered in RF and analog design can be minimized if a foundry can offer a design and modeling environment tailored to address the specific hurdles encountered in complex designs. The PCMT supplements the company's existing modeling infrastructure, Jazz said, and underscores the its efforts to provide its customers with a design environment optimized for analog and RF designs.

Jazz currently offers Monte Carlo, mismatch and statistical models for its processes as well as fully scalable models for up front design optimization, the company said. This front end modeling infrastructure used during the design phase, coupled with the PCMT, allows circuit designers to bridge the gap between circuit and silicon, according to the company.

Jazz said the PCMT generates a model library — the process-related model parameters are extracted based on measured process control monitors data. The PCMT engine uses the nominal model distributed with the Jazz design kit and adjusts it through a modified backward propagation of variances infrastructure to match specific PCM data sets, the company said. The tool is automated through the Jazz eBizz site, through which registered customers can launch PCMT runs on their foundry material, the company said.

“Jazz strives to deliver modeling platforms that enable our customers to successfully design for manufacturability,” said James Victory, Jazz RF modeling and characterization manager, in a statement. “With PCMT, we have augmented our statistical modeling platform with an automated and direct feedback mechanism for our customers, closing the loop between design to specification and silicon performance.”

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