Four bay battery platform charges Li Ion, NiMH or NiCad packs

Accessory battery pack chargers for OEM portable devices mean large budgets for tooling, engineering and compliance testing along with long development schedules. SelfCHARGE, Inc has introduced a standard one to four bay accessory battery charger / docking station platform for custom Li Ion, NiMH or Ni Cad OEM battery packs. The platform allows an OEM to offer an accessory charger or power docking station in a one to four bay configuration for 70% less NRE than a ground-up design. In addition, as a standard product produced in volume, the platform charger is very competitively priced.

The base unit is designed as a platform, to be modified in alignment with customer requirements. The base unit is mated with a particular battery pack or hand-held appliance, by the design and tooling of a custom mold insert in the top housing. By design, the charge circuit accepts battery packs of various chemistries up to 12.6VDC. Customer has a choice of single or multiple bays, with eight bays the maximum available (please note: the total number of available bays is dependent on power rating). Three battery chemistries are available to charge (NiCad, NIMH, Lithium Ion), with a maximum 2 ampere charge per pack. The base unit provides charger status using a two-color LED for each adapter cup. When charging a Lithium Ion pack, the base unit will offer the functionality to automatically recover packs for which the internal safety circuit has been tripped due to over-current, over-charge or over-discharge. The base injection mold tool is designed to allow between one and four bases to be molded together via an inter-connect built into the tool. The top tool features a large area for a custom insert to be designed that will cradle a unique OEM battery pack or hand held appliance.

The base unit consists of a stand-alone single module of two-piece clam-shell construction, with a DC power connector in the rear. For some multiple bay solutions, bases are molded in a multiple cavity tool, where bays can be added by removing a dam between cavities. The base unit is intended for use in an indoor environment, and is designed for desktop operation.

The platform charger is available in low and high volume quantities. A single bay charger is available for less than $35 in production quantities without a power supply.

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