Free data-converter modeling and simulation tool

Here's a behavioral-modeling tool available as a free download from signal-processing semiconductor maker Analog Devices, Inc . (ADI—Norwood, Mass.). The company's ADIsimADC software design tool lets you simulate analog-to-digital (A/D) converter performance.

ADIsimADC runs on any Windows-based PC,and supports most of ADI's newest high-speed A/Ds. ADI says additional models will be added over time.

No More Boards

In use, the ADIsimADC tool priomises to help reduce risk during system design by letting you run simulations across various system parameters and architectures. In the past, you'd typically design a system based on product spec sheets and then implement a test board to confirm system performance.

With ADIsimADC , you can can test designs earlier in the design process, preventing costly mistakes at the system level. The tool provides detailed performance variation in AC and DC performance parameters (such as SNR, SFDR, ENOB, DNL and INL) for desired operating conditions. That can determine if an A/D will actually meet system goals. You can then validate the system design by using the evaluation board for a specific converter.

Based on ADI's proprietary behavioral modeling used in the company's design labs, the ADIsimADC software provides rapid comparison between A/Ds operating at various temperatures, supply voltages, and full-scale input ranges.

Virtual A/D Evaluation

Used within ADI's ADC Analyzer , a software package that lets ADI customers capture A/D converter data and review performance using a real evaluation board, the ADIsimADC tool provides a virtual evaluation board to test system assumptions against real silicon performance. A design engineer can configure a system design based on simulations, and then verify desired A/D converter performance with the eval board.

You can also gain knowledge of a system by analyzing real-world effects, such as those from timing non-linearity (jitter). Furthermore, the performance of an ideal converter can be compared to that of a real converter, providing insight as to how these real-world characteristics affect overall system performance.

The software is available from the ADI Web site. ADIsimADC is also offered within ADI's ADC USB FIFO evaluation kit, available free as a download.

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