Free development kit for rotary encoder ICs cuts time-to-market

Raleigh, NC&#8212austriamicrosystems' free software development kit (SDK) for its magnetic rotary encoder IC family, with available demo-board, allows designers to develop application software customized to their actual production test and product configuration requirements within the shortest possible timeframe.

“We know how important it is to provide good customer support,” said Josef Janisch, product manager for magnetic rotary encoder products. “That is why we decided to provide a free software development kit to help our customers speed up their development cycles. This powerful tool will enable them to visualize the functions of their AS5000-based magnetic rotary encoder ICs in a very simple way and thus develop application software within the shortest time. Now, the design engineer has no need to worry about protocols and communication between the product and his development environment.”

The SDK is based on a dynamic link library (DLL) that can be embedded in many software platforms, including Microsoft Visual Studio (C#, C/C++, Visual Basic), Borland C++ Builder, and LabView. A number of application examples and help files make the SDK user friendly.

The software development kit supports the entire austriamicrosystems magnetic encoder IC family. These ICs, which sense rotary position via a small rotating magnet, are suited to harsh environments such as automotive, industrial, and many consumer applications. The family includes the AS5035, an 8-bit resolution device with an incremental output; 10-bit devices with digital and analog outputs (the AS5040 and AS5043 respectively); and the AS5045, a 12-bit device with an absolute digital output.

The software development kit can be accessed by first clicking here, then clicking on the hot link for the desired device (i.e., AS5043), followed by clicking on “Software” in the Downloads section on the right side of the page, and then clicking on the last download option at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, click here to instantly begin a direct download. Encoder demo-boards and IC samples can be ordered from the company on-line (click here).

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