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ESPOO, Finland, September 28, 2011

ESPOO, Finland , September 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

Free Mobile Analytics from CEM4Mobile Solutions

The provider of Mobile Analytics and Customer Experience Management offering for mobile services,  CEM4Mobile Solutions, is releasing free Entry Package of its  CEM4Mobile Analytics which is recognised as the most accurate and leading solution in its field. The radical move follows the decision to enter the mobile services market in the North America .

Mobile services market has witnessed phenomenal growth and is poised to grow by triple digits every year, over the next five years. Related mobile devices, networks, content technologies and use-cases for services are evolving faster than ever before.

While the mobile channel continues its explosive growth the competition over customers' time, focus and loyalty is becoming more fierce. Many companies have found that for being successful they need to understand their users and offer mobile services that are satisfying, desirable and engaging. The potential of facilitating the mobile users via mobile content and Value Added Services (VAS) in their daily life is enormous and the full potential is still untapped.

CEM4Mobile as a solution

CEM4Mobile is an innovative mobile analytics product with strong focus on Customer Experience Management. The offering has been particularly designed for companies providing mobile content and VAS across all of the industry's verticals enabling them to measure and analyze interactions between end-users and mobile services, optimize their business and ensure successful customer relations. The solution is being used by tier-1 mobile operators, media houses, financial services and content aggregation brands.

The solution supports collection of statistical data directly from the following: browsing and application based services by using taglines, mobile networks via Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), server-to-server integrations via Transaction Interface and customer feedback through Voice-of-Customer channel.  The analysis extends to use patterns, service ranking, market trends and particularly how different device, contract, content and user demographic combinations impact the behavior. Earlier this year the company introduced an Open Export Interface through which behavior, location, handset capability, segmentation and Voice-of-Customer data can be utilized with customers' existing Business Intelligence, Web Analytics, CRM, Advertising Solutions and other Business Support Systems.

CEM4Mobile ( has been featured in several product reviews and last year it outperformed some leading Web Analytics and competing Mobile Analytics offerings. The survey analyzed 53 different aspects and compared how well the different analytics products apply to measuring the usage of the mobile content services from a business development perspective. The report is available in Scribd at

New product packages, customer friendly pricing and FREE Mobile Analytics

Now the SaaS based product family has been repackaged into the following: “Entry ” providing a FREE mobile analytics for browsing and applications based mobile services, “Standard ” supporting extensive mobile analytics and “Premium ” which boosts the whole range of products namely premium mobile analytics with Voice-of-Customer channel, Customer Experience Management, mobile media measurement and mobile surveys for collecting customer and market insight.    

At the same time with the new product packages, the pricing model has also changed to be as straight-forward and customer friendly as possible. This because analytics offerings tend to come with very complex 'server call', 'page view', 'event' or 'capacity' based pricing schemes which makes them very difficult for customers to understand and budget.

“In essence we want to maximize the number of satisfied, loyal and advocate end-users in our customers' mobile services and thus it's logical that our product pricing is based on number of unique end-users rather than anything else”. says Aalto, the CEO of CEM4Mobile Solution Ltd.

Product information:

Insights to Mobile Analytics and Customer Experience Management:

CEM4Mobile Solutions Ltd (ex. QAim ) is a Finnish world-class expert in Mobile Analytics and Customer Experience Management (CEM) for mobile content and value-added services. We provide mobile network and industry vertical independent CEM4Mobile solution and services for companies large and small, which develop, produce or distribute mobile services. CEM4Mobile offering enables companies to measure and analyse data on the interaction between end-users and mobile services, optimise their business and ensure successful customer relations.

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