Freemium analog layout tool facilitates quick, easy, and accurate physical information

Animate Preview, the analog layout design tool that generates physical information after a schematic is loaded, is now available for complimentary download and installation. It provides engineers with detailed visualizations and accurate area estimations of the analog circuit, helping them quickly spot problems.

It usually takes hours or days to generate physical information; however, with the Animate Preview window embedded in the schematic editor, analog IC designers can automate the layout and generate physical information in seconds. And while engineers edit circuit schematic, the tool keeps them up to date with changes and provides instant feedback on design decisions. It displays results and updated previews in real-time.

Animate Preview layout tool from Pulsic automatically recognizes common analog circuit topologies such as current mirrors and differential pairs. It then intelligently places components to achieve matching symmetry and optimal flow of the critical paths in the analog circuit. It also conforms with design rule checking (DRC) and process rules to give engineers early and accurate physical previews of analog design.

Animate Preview is a freemium product, and users can upgrade to Animate Preview Plus. Source: Pulsic

Pulsic’s Animate is an automated layout system built from the ground up for transistor-level analog design. It automates the layout while enabling analog circuit designers to finetune the automated results early in the layout process.

Animate is based on the company’s PolyMorphic Layout technology that delivers multiple layouts from a schematic using automatic constraint extraction and simultaneous placement and routing. The layout tool also automatically generates constraints based on netlist topology analysis. That, in turn, eliminates the need for time-consuming manual constraint entry and management.

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