Freescale adds two SMARTMOS devices to high-side switch portfolio

Munich, Germany—Freescale Semiconductor has designed its MC33580 and MC33874 quad-channel high-side switches to reduce the cost and complexity of low-voltage automotive, industrial lighting and motor control applications.

The MC33580 and MC33874 switches are built on Freescale's advanced SMARTMOS and HDTMOS process technologies, which cost-effectively integrate dense CMOS logic, precise analog circuitry and load/output drivers. The MC33580 and MC33874 system-in-package devices are engineered to bring high current load control to demanding automotive applications.

The MC33580 and MC33874 devices feature under- and over-voltage/over-temperature protection capabilities that help safeguard the loads they drive, as well as the high-side switches themselves. Built-in standby and sleep modes enable energy savings in power-constrained applications. The switches are user-programmable through a serial peripheral interface (SPI), which enables tight control of fault currents and can help protect wiring harnesses and circuit boards.

Pricing: In 10,000-piece quantities, the MC33580 15-mOhms quad high-side switch costs $2.74 and the MC33874 35-mOhms quad high-side switch costs $2.54.
Availability: Now in production quantities.
Datasheets: MC33580 and MC33874.

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