Freescale launches RF devices for radar

Freescale continues to develop its 50V LDMOS technology, and has now extended it to the L-band avionics and RF markets with the introduction of the new MRF6V10010N driver and MRF6V14300H final stage device. The company reports that this is the world's first 50-volt LDMOS RF power transistor line-up for L-Band radar applications. The new devices are targeted at a wide range of high-power RF applications, including air traffic management and long range weather radar. For those of you who are very curious about these new parts, you can check them both out at Freescale's booth #915 at the upcoming IMS/MTT-S 2008 in Atlanta, GA, 2008, June 17-19 where the company will have them on demonstration.

Key RF performance figures for the MRF6V14300H include 1200 to 1400 MHz frequency range, 330 W peak output power (at 1400 MHz, 300 μs pulse width, 12 percent duty cycle), 17 dB gain, and 60 percent drain efficiency. This device is housed in an industry-standard RoHS compliant NI-780 package. It has been sampling for a few months already and Freescale expects to go into production with it at the end of Q3. A broadband reference text fixture is available.

The MRF6V10010N is a driver that delivers 8 W peak output power (at 1400 MHz, 300 μs, 12 percent duty cycle), 22 dB gain, and 60 percent drain efficiency. This internally-matched device is housed in the an overmolded plastic package, which Freescale reports has about 20% less cost as compared to ceramic. This part is sampling and already in production.

“50V LDMOS provides more power for the same density,” says Jeanette Wilson, of Freescale product marketing “with 50% more output power, high gain, high efficiency, and low thermal device it is possible to deliver the same types of products in smaller spaces.” Wilson reports that the primary applications for these parts is in the air traffic market, but there is also a lot of interest from defense markets as well.

One piece price for the MRF6V14300H is $300.00. The one piece price for the MRF6V10010N is $40.
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