French group readies NFC-enabled speakers

LONDON — French consumer electronics manufacturer Parrot (Paris) is readying a range of speakers that will incorporate Near Field Communications tags supplied by Innovision Research and Technology plc (Cirencester, England).

Demonstrated at this week's European NFC Developers Summit in Monaco and said to be the first NFC-enabled speakers, the so-called Party Black Edition devices should be available by the third quarter of the year.

The speakers will make downloading and listening to music even simpler.

The user just has to touch an NFC-enabled mobile phone — such as the soon-to-be-available Nokia 6212 Classic — to the Parrot Party speakers to set up a Bluetooth connection and stream music live to the speakers.

The Innovision Topaz tag, built into the speaker, performs the pairing simply and automatically, removing the need to go through time-consuming pairing menus and settings – particularly useful if there are a number of Bluetooth devices within range.

The speakers can also pair with other Bluetooth devices such as MP3 players, PCs and Macs, although without NFC users will still need to go through menus to pair up.

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