From Vancouver to Bellingham, Votocracy Expands Political Offerings to Include All Elections in Washington State

Rapidly growing social political site now powers municipal, county, state and federal campaigns

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SEATTLE, Sept. 1, 2011

SEATTLE , Sept. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Votocracy ( announced the introduction of localized election capabilities for federal, state, county and municipal positions in Washington , California and New York . This new feature brings Votocracy's already popular presidential platform to the local level, and will soon expand to encompass the approximately 300,000 elections held in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories.

“One of the big requests we have been asked is when we'll offer the Votocracy platform at the local level,” says Dave Remer , co-founder of Votocracy.  “And today I'm pleased to announce that it's here! Now any politician or political hopeful, at any level – from a city mayor to a federal judge – has a place to connect and engage with voters.”

The Votocracy ecosystem offers novice politicos easy entree into politics and seasoned candidates an effective campaign tool for establishing and widening their social media reach. Aspiring to surface intriguing and thought-provoking candidates across the country, Votocracy offers a convenient place for candidates to easily post their viewpoints, videos and political agendas, and connect directly with their constituents.  Additionally, voters seeking information on local issues or candidates are able to search the site by state, county, city, and specific political office.

Anyone visiting Votocracy can take advantage of the platform's many valuable and engaging features, such as daily polls, candidate matching and more. The polling feature allows both members and candidates to discuss America's most-pressing governmental matters, while Votocracy's matchmaking feature pairs members with candidates sharing similar views on top political issues, as answered by their poll participation. Candidates are also encouraged to post opinions to both their candidacy and main Votocracy walls, interact with other political hopefuls, upload impactful videos and instantly message supporters to share updates.

Membership to the Votocracy platform is free, and candidates pay only $99 to register their campaign at the presidential, federal, state or local level. This registration fee provides anyone with the drive and passion to change politics the ability to run for office, interact with supporters, express opinions on relevant issues, and to capitalize on the broad reach of Facebook and Twitter with a single, easy-to-use interface.

$99 is an exceptional value for any candidate when compared to the time and expense of independently creating a social media presence and maintaining an engaging, ongoing campaign,” adds Remer.  “The Votocracy platform and its unique features – such as candidate matchmaking – help political candidates at any level connect with and grow their support base quickly and easily.”  

To join in the presidential, state or local election race or support current candidates, visit Votocracy at:

About Votocracy:

Votocracy is a social media platform that puts fun, passion and public engagement back into politics. Leveraging the power and reach of Facebook and Twitter, Votocracy aims to be the great political equalizer and return the voice of politics back to the people. Membership is free, and for only $99 any American can register to campaign for office at the local, state or federal level. From city commissioner to United States President, Votocracy puts candidacy within reach, providing instant access to a network of engaged supporters, interactive campaign tools – such as issues-based polling and candidate-supporter matchmaking – real-time election details and personalized merchandise. Learn more or start your campaign today at  

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