Fujitsu tailors LSI chip for in-car automotive systems

Tokyo, Japan—Fujitsu Ltd. has developed an LSI chip for in-car automotive systems, such as navigation and digital dashboards.

Fabricated using 90-nm CMOS process technology, the MB86R01 integrates various functions on a single chip, such as the ARM926EJ-S CPU core from ARM Ltd., 2D and 3D graphic capabilities, in-car networking features, and support for various media interfaces.

The ARM926EJ-S CPU core from ARM is suitable for multimedia applications, and can also be used for in-car automotive systems. The chip includes an embedded graphic-display controller from Fujitsu that can drive two displays simultaneously and capture two streams of video. In addition to enabling smooth and high-resolution 2D and 3D video and graphics, the embedded graphics controller makes it easier to construct rear-seat entertainment systems.

The MB86R01 will enable low-cost, compact, in-car systems that feature high-resolution graphics, while continuing to leverage existing software resources.

The MB86R01 includes various interfaces, including CAN and Media-LB, USB, IDE66 (Parallel-ATA/ATAPI-4) and 12S. The MB86R01 also supports DDR2 high-speed memory access.

It also provides program protection support. The MB86R01 can process encrypted program codes to help prevent unauthorized changes or access to the in-car system.

Pricing: Approximately $25 each.
Availability: Now.
Technical information: click here.

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