Fujitsu touts 1.3 GSa/s speed for its CMOS 14-bit DAC

Sunnyvale, Calif.&#8212Fujitsu Microelectronics America says its MB86065, a 1.3 GSa/s device, is the industry's fastest CMOS 14-bit digital-to-analog converter.

“The MB86065 demonstrates the company's ability to support the trend toward commoditization in communications infrastructure equipment,” said Stephanos Thomopoulos, senior product marketing manager. “The higher direct-IF frequencies impact end-applications significantly by reducing the overall design effort, thus lowering the total cost of ownership and speeding time-to-market.”

The 1.3GSa/s DAC, a single-channel product derived from the company's MB86064 dual 14-bit, 1GSa/s DAC developed in 2003, guarantees direct-IF frequencies above 400 MHz. This feature widens the spurious-free generating region and relaxes subsequent filtering requirements. The direct-IF architecture, more versatile than direct conversion, is designed to enable platform solutions capable of rapid re-targeting to different market and frequency plan requirements.

The MB86065 DAC is backward-compatible with the “DAC A” channel of the MB86064 and integrates the company's Waveform Memory Module (WMM), which allows waveforms to be downloaded and executed on-chip, thus cutting the need for a high-speed data generator.

Click here for initial product information. The MB86065, in a fine-pitch ball grid array (EFBGA) package measuring 12-by-12 mm, will be priced at $34 each in 10k quantities. Customer development kits and sample devices will be available beginning in early 2007, with mass production scheduled for April.

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