Full HD H.264 codecs feature low power

Taipei, Taiwan—Qpixel Technology has added high definition (HD) devices— QL303 and QL305—to its low-power, H.264 codec family.

The QL303 and QL305 provide a broad H.264 feature set by supporting baseline, main, and high profiles of the H.264 standard for resolutions ranging from QVGA (320×240) to full HD (1920×1080). Qpixel offers full HD H.264 encoding at less than 275-mW of power, confirming its commitment to Green Technology initiatives for lowering energy consumption in consumer electronic devices.

In addition to its powerful H.264 codec engine, Qpixel's HD codec family features an on-chip DSP for flexible audio processing, a JPEG compression/decompression engine for simultaneous still frame processing, and an ARM core for audio/video synchronization, bit stream packetization, and peripheral interface management.

The QL303's set of flexible peripheral interfaces make the part suitable for a wide range of portable devices, including digital cameras, camcorders, and smart phones. The advanced power management and the modular design of the chip enables power sensitive smart phone devices to capture and encode HD video for as low as 100mW of power (1280×720 at 15fps).

The QL305 offers the same rich set of audio and video compression and image processing capabilities as the QL303; however, the inclusion of additional peripheral interfaces makes the chip ideal for personal communication and computing platforms including desktop PCs, laptops, mobile internet devices (MID), and Webcams.

Pricing: In 10K quantities will be $20 and $24 for QL303 and QL305, respectively.
Availability: July 2008.
Product briefs: QL303 and QL305.

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