Fully integrated WLAN test set conducts high-speed radio layer measurements

Morgan Hill, Calif. — Anritsu Company has introduced the MT8860C WLAN test set, which is a fully integrated test solution that performs high-speed radio layer measurements on WLAN chipsets. The MT8860C combines the capabilities of a power meter, spectrum analyzer, and vector signal generator, providing a single instrument that performs traceable and repeatable measurements on WLAN devices to ensure they are in full compliance with IEEE 802.11-2007 standards.

A unique feature of the MT8860C is its Network mode, which uses standard WLAN protocol messaging to perform transmitter and receiver measurements on a device under test (DUT) without the need for test control software from the device manufacturer. Network mode is especially important when testing the new generation of consumer products such as smart phones and PDAs that embed WLAN technology, Anritsu said.

The MT8860C also features a Direct mode, in which the test set automatically creates and transmits WLAN packets to measure the DUT receiver, and measures the DUT transmitter via a built-in transmitter analyzer. In Direct mode, the DUT is controlled by the chipset supplier's test mode software.

For volume production environments, Anritsu has developed LANTest software with DUT control packages. The control packages have been designed in partnership with leading WLAN silicon developers to provide a fully automated PC application for rapid testing of WLAN devices without manual intervention.

Measurement test times are said to be significantly reduced because of the MT8860C's integrated spectral processor. Tests, such as peak and average power, spectral mask compliance, spectral flatness and EVM, are measured in parallel and displayed in typically 500 ms, an 8-fold improvement over alternative test systems, according to the company.

Pricing: Starts at $30,000.
Availability: Delivery is four to six weeks ARO.
Product information: MT8860C

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