Future Simple’s PipeJump Helps Small Businesses Visualize Their Sales Pipeline with Google Apps and Twitter Integrations

Designed For Companies Of 100 Employees Or Fewer, PipeJump Brings Simplicity To Managing Sales And Contacts

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CHICAGO, Aug. 23, 2011

CHICAGO , Aug. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Future Simple, a provider of small business solutions, announced today Google Apps and Twitter integrations with its simple CRM and sales pipeline application PipeJump.  PipeJump allows small businesses to create, manage and visualize their sales pipeline through a simple, drag and drop interface that maps the entire sale process.  Google Apps and Twitter integrations allow companies to manage their pipeline from the applications they use, and gain insight into customers and their needs.

“As a small business owner I need simple applications that I can use immediately to manage my sales prospects,” said David Phillips , chief marketing advocate, ONE Marketing Resource.  “With PipeJump, I can add a lead in seconds, manage the entire sales process, and get an accurate picture of my sales pipeline.  It's a view into my business that I've never had before.  This helps me focus my efforts and win more deals.”  

Thousands of companies are leveraging PipeJump to manage their sales pipeline.  PipeJump allows any small business owner, sales representative or business development executive, to easily see, manage, and report on their entire sales pipeline.  No more complicated forms, consultant customization, insignificant reporting and ever-increasing license fees. New features in PipeJump include:

  • Google Apps integration – Create and manage new sales opportunities directly from your Google Applications.
  • Twitter integration – Automatic updates of prospect profiles with most recent tweets.
  • Email Dropbox – Forward all your prospect email communications to PipeJump and they are tracked in each lead record.
  • Smart tags – Add keywords to easily sort through deals and contacts and produce insightful reports.

“Small business software has missed the mark on meeting the needs of the 27 million small businesses in the U.S.,” said Uzi Shmilovici, CEO, Future Simple.  “It needs to be rebuilt from the ground up to be powerful yet simple to use, so small businesses can focus on growing the business rather than wasting time managing their software.  Future Simple is dedicated to building these solutions to this under-served market.”


Starting at $14 per month after a 30 day free trial.

About Future Simple

Founded in 2009, Future Simple builds simple software for small businesses to help them grow and thrive.  Its flagship product PipeJump, helps companies visualize their sales pipeline through a simple sales tracking application.  QuoteBase delivers a simple tool that speeds up online quote creation. Together the applications help businesses with fewer than 100 employees manage their sales from lead to cash. With thousands of customers, Future Simple is changing the way small businesses use software to grow and thrive.  For more information visit

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