GaAs MMIC PA, driver produce 2-W at 46-GHz

Houston, Texas—Developing 26-dB of gain and delivering 2-W of saturated output power, Mimix Broadband, Inc .'s latest GaAs (gallium arsenide) MMIC s (monolithic microwave ICs) include a three-stage balanced PA (power amplifier) and a complementary three-stage driver amplifier.

Both the XP1015 balanced PA and the XP1016 driver amp are based on 0.15-micron gate-length GaAs pHEMT (pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor) technology. The two MMICs achieve the stated power level when cascaded.

A Good Match

According to Mimix, the PA's balanced design also gives you good output matching across the 43.5-GHz to 46-GHz band. It also exhibits a small-signal gain of 12-dB, with a +31-dBm P1dB compression point.

The driver amplifier MMIC covers the same frequency band. It achieves a small-signal gain of 14-dB with a +24-dBm P1dB compression point.

The XP1015 and XP1016 can be used in applications such as millimeter-wave point-to-point radio, LMDS (local multipoint distribution services), and satcom applications. It can be used with Mimix's integrated up-converters to provide a transmitter chain.

Fully Tested

Mimix performs on-wafer RF, DC, and output power testing on the XP1015 and XP1016, as well as visual inspection to MIL-STD-883 Method 2010 . The chips include surface passivation. They provide backside via holes and gold metallization to permit either a conductive epoxy or eutectic solder die attach process.

Samples are available from stock, along with production quantities.

Click here for an XP1015 datasheet (in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format).

Click here for an XP1016 datasheet (in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format).

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