GaAs MMIC SP8T switch streamlines mobile phone design

Santa Clara, Calif.—NEC's UPG2193T6E Single Pole Eight Throw (SP8T) GaAs MMIC antenna switch was developed specifically to meet the needs of new 3G UMTS, W-CDMA and Quad Band EDGE mobile phone designs.

The UPG2193T6E replaces the common two-switch solution in mobile communication applications with a single miniature device. The UPG2193T6E delivers low insertion loss, high isolation and high linearity.

Supporting multi-band mobilecomm transceiver platforms, the UPG2193T6E provides switching between five GSM and three W-CDMA pins. The UPG2193T6E also features an onboard SPI controller. It is housed in a 3.5 x 3.5mm package measuring 0.55mm in height.

Availability: From California Eastern Laboratories, NEC Electronics' exclusive sales, marketing and development partner in the Western Hemisphere.
Datasheet: click here.

California Eastern Laboratories,

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