GaN-on-Si broadband power amplifier boosts WiMAX apps

Chicago, Ill.—RF power transistor vendor Nitronex has partnered with Prescient Wireless to design a GaN-on-Si broadband Doherty power amplifier for WiMAX applications.

Based on Nitronex's existing NPT25015 power transistor, the design provides 6W of linear output power from 2.5 to 2.7-GHz while achieving >35% efficiency, 10dB gain, and <2.0% EVM with digital pre-distortion.

Typical performance numbers were taken using a mobile WiMAX waveform defined as a single carrier OFDMA 64-QAM ¾ with a 10MHz channel bandwidth. 6 Watts of output power is achieved with a 9.5dB PAR @ .01% probability on the CCDF during the transmit portion of a 50% duty cycle TTD signal.

Nitronex, 1-919-807-9100,

Prescient Wireless, 1-630-775-1000,

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