Gas-Filled Relay takes worry out of high voltage

Santa Barbara, California —
GIGAVAC, a provider of high voltage relays, announces a completely sealed single-pole 70 kV relay — the G71. Filled with SF6 gas for low leakage and high current capacitive discharge switching, the G71 is safe in nearly any environment and can perform where others fail. Just 51mm tall and 50mm in diameter, with insulated flying high voltage leads, the new GIGAVAC G71 relay is not affected by humidity or dust and can operate from minus 50 degrees Celsius to plus 85 degrees Celsius.

“We're taking the worry out of high voltage,” said Jim Lanum, GIGAVAC's VP Sales, “Safety is our number one concern which is why we use SF6 inside the G71. The relay emits no x-rays and has the lowest leakage current over long periods of time compared with vacuum relays. Not only is it safer, but also it is shorter, will operate at a lower temperature and is lower priced than others' 35 kV relay.”

The G71 is available in normally open (form A), normally closed (form B), and double throw (form C) configurations with 31cm, 91cm, 183cm or custom-length high voltage flying leads that make connection easy. Coil voltages are 12 Vdc, 26.5 Vdc, 115 Vdc or customized.

Most popular models are in stock with special orders available within two weeks. For example, in quantities of 25 units, the price of the G71C841 model is $493 each. GIGAVAC accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express and generally ships most relays the same day the order is received.

For complete information and ordering, visit or call 805-755-2000.

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