GE Fanuc introduces the ICS-1556B ADC module

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions,
announced the ICS-1556B 4-channel 400MHz 14-bit ADC PMC Module. It is
designed for communication applications such as software defined radio,
signals intelligence (SIGINT), digital receivers, and tactical
communications where the requirement is to convert analog data into
digital information in as close to real-time as possible.

The ICS-1556B's sample rate and resolution lends it to the VHF and UHF
radio applications. It enables the potential of software defined radio
(SDR) and the interoperability of the new radio systems used by
international military forces, and public safety groups such as police,
fire fighters, and paramedics.

The ICS-1556B also includes an on-board Xilinx Virtex-5 SX95T FPGA to
allow users to develop their own front end signal processing
functionality and execute it at on the board.
The  capability provided by the FPGA allows the user to
perform standard functions such as wideband DDC (digital down
conversion), FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) and time stamping. A Hardware
Development Kit (HDK) provides support for users who wish to implement
their own signal processing algorithms in the FPGA. Alternatively, GE
Fanuc's FPGA applications programming team can develop FPGA cores
specific to customer needs.

The ICS-1556B can be used with any type of carrier card that accepts a
PMC module, including VME, VPX, PCI and CompactPCI. When used with an
appropriate DSP/processor carrier card,  it enables
a single slot solution for
a broad range of signal processing applications.

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