Gemini begins shipping GSim with flexible licensing model

EDA start-up Gemini Design Automation has announced production availability of its analog and mixed signal SPICE simulator, GSim. The company has also shed more light on its on-demand licensing model, to which it alluded late last year.

Claiming breakthroughs in speed as well as 100% SPICE accuracy, Gemini says that Gsim is the result of a three pronged strategy: improvements to fundamental core SPICE algorithms, multithreading of both the model evaluation and matrix solving components of the simulator, and parallel computation techniques. The result is a simulator that is especially suited to large designs with high parasitic counts.

Designed to be used and operated just like Spectre, GSim is integrated within standard EDA tool flows such as Cadence's ADE environment, but will be sold through a flexible licensing model that allows customers to 'pay for only the performance they require at any given point', according to Kent Jaeger, vice president of marketing and sales at Gemini. So for example, the simulator might be used as a single threaded, early stage simulation tool; or it could be used in a multicore configuration for post layout, final stage verification. Users will be able to prepurchase credits or tokens with 1,2,4 8 and 16 thread options available.

Jaeger explains further: “Each license is configured at runtime for optimal software and hardware utilisation. GSim's built in intelligence enables it to read any netlist, and based on the available compute resources, select the optimal number of threads to get the optimum run time for that particular circuit. We believe it is a more effective way to consume technology, leading to reductions in the cost of a GSim license and the freeing up computing power.”

Prices start at $2000 for a single thread one year license with a 5,000 element capacity. More information can be found at

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