Gemini unveils spice-accurate analog simulation technology

Venice, Florida &#8212 Gemini Design Automation, a start-up company focused on the challenges of verifying complex analog and mixed-signal designs, today unveiled a fast SPICE-accurate simulation technology specifically developed to leverage the throughput advantages of multi-core computing. The company claims that its native multi-threaded technology has demonstrated run times and capacity of up to 30x that of earlier generation analog simulators, and up to 10x improvements over first-generation multi-threaded approaches. The technology has been under development for three years and is being used in several production design environments, as well as benchmarked extensively against state of the art analog simulators, including multi-threaded ones.

Gemini was founded in 2005 by a team with extensive experience in the EDA industry, notably at Cadence Design Systems and Synopsys, Inc. The core team — consisting of Dr. Baolin Yang and Dr. Xiaodong Zhang — have been involved with the development of several successful SPICE simulators and analog design environments. They are backed by EDA industry pioneer, co-founder of Cadence, and EDAC Phil Kauffman Award winner James Solomon, considered to be the foremost authority on analog design technology.

According to Dr. Yang the product is the ideal solution for complex functions such as PLLs, ADCs and DAC's, charge pumps, programmable Tx/Rx chains, power distribution circuitry, and memory IP, particularly where there are a large number of extracted post-layout parasitics which require exhaustive verification prior to tapeout. It runs on standard X86 SMP multi-core platforms equipped with 64bit Linux operating systems. Initial production product availability is scheduled for fourth quarter 2008.

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