Gen. 5.0 Schottky diodes extend D-Pak current capability up to 20A

Malvern, Pa.—Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has launched four Gen. 5.0 high-performance 45-V and 100-V Schottky diodes that it claims set a new standard in the industry by extending the D-Pak current capability up to 20A.

Built on submicron trench technology, the devices are suitable as stand-alone packages for high-efficiency, high-density products, as well as offering a cost-effective and compact replacement for the D2-Pak package. RBSOA is available for tight and cost-effective designs.

The 6CWT04FN, 10WT10FN, 20CWT10FN, and 20WT04FN offer a maximum junction temperature to +175°C, extremely low forward voltage drop, and low reverse leakage, allowing designers to increase power density in automotive, solar energy, and other high-temperature applications. All four devices are also available in I-Pak versions.

The Schottky diodes feature maximum forward voltage drops at +125°C of < 0.54 V typical at 6 A and 20 A for the 45-V devices, and < 0.65 V at 10 A and 20 A for the 100-V devices. Reverse leakage at +125°C is 3 mA and 7 mA for the 45-V diodes and 4 mA for the 100-V diodes, with very tight parameter distribution. The devices offer optimized VF versus IR trade-off for increased system efficiency.

The diodes are optimized for ac-to-dc secondary rectification, flyback, buck and boost converters, half-bridge, reverse battery protection, freewheeling, dc-to-dc module, and solar photovoltaic bypass diode applications. Typical end products include high power density SMPS; adaptors for desktop PCs; servers; consumer electronics like PDPs, LCDs, and high-efficiency audio systems; and mobile electronics such as notebook computers, cell phones, and portable media players. The diodes are AEC-Q101 qualified for automotive drives and controls.

Pricing: For U.S. delivery is $0.15 each for the 6CWT04FN, $0.17 each for the 10WT10FN, and $0.23 each for the 20CWT10FN and 20WT04FN.
Availability: Samples and production quantities are available now, with lead times of six to eight weeks for larger orders.

Datasheets: 6CUT04 and 6CWT04FN, 10UT10 and 10WT10FN, 20CUT10 and 20CWT10FN and 20UT04 and 20WT04FN..

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.,

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