Gigle starts sampling home-networking chip

LONDON — Gigle Semiconductor Inc. (Redwood City, Calif.) has said its GGL541 home-networking chip is sampling to customers and is in alpha-stage field testing with service providers, OEM equipment vendors, and consumer electronics companies. The GGL541 will be released for general availability in April 2009.

The GGL541 is a dual-channel IC for HomePlugAV and mediaxtream data transfers. The first standard calls for 200-Mbps over powerline and the second for 1-Gbps over any wire. The chip has been designed in Blusens Corp., a Spanish maker of consumer electronics equipment, and will be used in HDTV multimedia home entertainment equipment from Blusens and due to be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The GGL541 can maintain high data rates even under noisy conditions, in any frequency band available to mediaxtream from 1-MHz up to 2.5-GHz, Gigle claimed.

One channel can support mediaxtream and the other HomePlug. On-chip intelligence can either aggregate the two channels together for higher performance, or use the two channels to form a self-configuring mesh network that re-times and re-generates signals to increase coverage. The mesh includes bridging capabilities to enable the all wiring plants in the home — coaxial cable, phoneline, and powerline — to be combined to deliver coverage throughout the home. The GGL541 includes the PHY, MAC and Smart Mesh and quality-of-service/cost-of-service switching. The chip requires no external memories or complex support circuitry.

“Embedding the GGL541 into our HDTV allows us to build today the home network for tomorrow with all the performance needed for simultaneously streaming multiple HDTV channels, high speed data and high quality audio transfers,” said Jose Ramon Garcia Gonzalez, president and CEO of Blusens, in a statement issued by Gigle. “The network operation is invisible to our customers due to the built-in automatic configuration; exactly what our customers are demanding. They look like simple requirements but they are the critical factor for the product return rate.”

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