Go with the measured flow and detect rotational motion with this controller

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Dallas, TX –Nov. 12, 2003 — Reducing cost and design time for makers of meters with automated meter reading (AMR) features, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) announced today the industry's first single-chip microcontroller unit (MCU) for electronic flow measurement and motion detection. The MSP430FW427, built on the ultra-low power MSP430 product line, combines an ultra-low-power Flash MCU with an integrated volume scan interface (Scan IF) and a liquid crystal display (LCD) driver on a single chip. The device's ultra-low power architecture and programmable communication capabilities increase meter accuracy and performance, while extending battery life. In addition, these features make the device ideal for meters with sophisticated AMR capabilities.

The MSP430FW427's on-chip Scan IF state machines are fully programmable and can now automatically perform functions previously accomplished in software. This advanced scheme maximizes system design flexibility and minimizes power consumption, effectively extending the battery life of electronic water, heat and industrial flow meters, anemometers and other rotation detecting applications.

The MSP430FW427 is designed to connect directly to sensors commonly used in industrial applications, such as resonant circuits, Hall-effect or giant-magneto-resistive sensors.

MSP430FW427 also includes the following key features:
– watchdog timer
– integrated LCD driver for up to 96 segments
– brownout protection and supply voltage supervisor
– two multi-channel pulse width modulation timers
– versatile analog comparator_A for analog-to-digital conversions

The MSP430FW427 is 100 percent compatible with the existing MSP430F41x products, allowing designers currently using MSP430F41x devices to take advantage of the new chip's increased memory and additional peripherals.

The MSP430FW427 is fully compatible with the existing $99 MSP-FET430P410 toolkit. The tool supports real-time in-system application development, accessing the Flash device's embedded emulation capability. It comes complete with a JTAG interface, target board and a complete integrated development environment (IDE) including a debugger, assembler/linker and 4kB C compiler.

The MSP430FW427 offers 32kB on-chip Flash memory and 1kB RAM. It comes in a 64-pin quad flat package (QFP) and is available now from TI and its authorized distributors. Pricing for the device starts at $4.45 in 1,000 piece quantities (suggested resale pricing).

MSP430 Data Sheet

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