GPX Unveils New Digital Video Solutions at Consumer Electronics Show

LAS VEGAS , Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ — GPX, one of the best-selling brands of audio products from home, personal, and portable music systems to MP3 players to clock radios, is introducing more than 30 new personal audio and video products at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas . The company, among the top sellers of affordable audio solutions, is expanding its line into video electronics including two of its first-ever digital video camcorders priced at under $100 and digital televisions that vary in size from 7-inches to 24-inches and range in price from $129-$349 . The company is also combining their audio and video offerings for some truly unique all-in-one solutions.

“We make GPX products that are affordable and accessible for every consumer, and our 2010 lineup reflects that,” said Bill Fetter , CEO for DPI, Inc., makers of GPX. “We are proudly expanding our video offerings to make quality video and filming technology available at value prices.”

Known for offering a broad range of audio and video players, GPX is rounding out its product portfolio to include flat screen digital TVs and digital video camcorders in 2010. As more consumers transition their television sets from bulky tube units to sleek flat screens, GPX is showcasing a line of digital televisions that vary in size from 7-inches to 24-inches and offer a quality digital picture in flat screen form. For less than $350 , the GPX TD2420B digital television features a 24-inch screen, HDMI input and built-in DVD player side slot with additional plug-ins that support SD cards and USB-housed file playback. Other models range in price from $129-$349 and are offered with or without built-in DVD players.

To help consumers capture memories on video, GPX is introducing two new handheld digital video camcorders that record onto Flash Memory SD cards for easy playback and download, including a model that records video in 720p HD. Priced at $99.99 , the GPX VC600B is a sleek and compact high definition digital video recorder that offers a crisp HD picture at a fraction of the cost of many camcorders. It features a 2.7-inch LCD screen, rechargeable battery and 8x digital zoom. Priced at $49.99 , the GPX VC200S digital video recorder features a 1.5-inch LCD screen, has 32MB of memory built-in and will be available in three colors, silver, red and charcoal.

“With the new GPX digital video camcorders, anyone can capture their memories on video without having to spend a fortune,” said Fetter. “Preserving memories shouldn't be a luxury.”

The company is also combining audio and video technology to offer portable all-in-one solutions that are ideal for bonus rooms, camping trips and picnics. The GPX BT780B portable boombox features a 7-inch LCD display for HDTV and DVD playback and a CD player and AM/FM radio, making it an ideal travel companion for families at less than $200 . The GPX JM660B karaoke machine is the life of the party for less than $100 with a built-in 5.5-inch monitor, CD player, dual microphone jacks and a disco mirror ball mounted on the top.

In 2010, GPX will also offer a variety of new MP3 players and audio docking systems, alarm clocks and clock radios and portable DVD players and DVD home theater systems, all priced at under $200 . The entire line of new GPX products will be showcased during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 7-10 at the DPI booth #10436 in the Central Hall. For more information, visit For an online press kit with downloadable product images, visit  

About GPX and DPI, Inc.

GPX is a brand division of the Digital Products International (DPI, Inc) family of consumer electronic products. For more than 30 years GPX has offered one of the broadest portfolios of technology-driven consumer audio and video products. An award-winning consumer electronics company, GPX has built a solid reputation on excellent product quality, reliability, design, and affordability.

DPI, Inc.'s corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri houses its engineering, logistics and design groups as well as 190,000 square feet of domestic warehouse space. DPI, Inc. also has offices in Asia that provide engineering, design, logistics, quality control, and global product management services. Currently, DPI, Inc. is the corporate umbrella for the brands iLive, GPX, Capri, and WeatherX. DPI and its group of companies have formed an environmentally responsible alliance with a commitment to the development of energy efficient products, and innovative and responsible green programs designed to protect for today and sustain for tomorrow. For more information on DPI, Inc. and its products and services, visit

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