Greek Wi-Fi developer takes on U.S. competitors

BERLIN &#151 Greek wireless LAN developer will take on large competitors in the U.S. through a new Utah-based manufacturing and distribution center. plans to launch a line of high-power wireless LAN equipment in the fall that competes with products from Motorola and Ubiquiti Networks, said CEO Dimitrios Sidiropoulos, based at the company's headquarters in Veria, Greece.

The company has been selling its products in Europe, but the EU places regulatory limits on high-power wireless equipment, he said.

Last month, the company opened a manufacturing and distribution center in Draper, Utah to handle the North American market. develops embedded software for a semiconductor solution that is fabricated in Asia. The electronics are housed in enclosures for indoor and outdoor use.

Competitors include Motorola Canopy antennas and similar wireless equipment from Ubiquiti Networks, Sidiropoulos said. believes its products have higher performance at about the same price. The US manufacturing and distribution office will help keep costs down by saving on shipping costs from Greece, where the units have been produced.

The main target is the outdoor wireless LAN market.

Customers include wireless internet service providers and system integrators who set up the equipment for third parties. “Companies with multiple buildings who want to bridge internal networks are one example,” he said.

The indoor market would include large warehouses or offices that want wireless access for wifi handsets. was founded by Sidiropoulos as a small wireless IP company in 1998.

“The available gear in the market wasn’t enough to cover wireless ISP needs, so we started writing software for existing platforms,” he said. “Existing platforms had limitations we wanted to exceed, so we slowly started designing our own electronics.”

Though Greece has seen some of the largest growth in Europe for new chip design companies, he's not aware of another indigenous wireless LAN company.

Electronics companies in Greece tend to be closely associated with multinationals set up in the country such as Atmel, Sidiropoulos said.

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