H.264 video encoder with extended temperature range

Kane Computing and ATEME SA, have announced the release of the new VSIP2 EXTREME H.264 encoder supporting an extended temperature range.

VSIP2 EXTREME can meet the demanding requirements of system deployments in harsh environments including variations in humidity (5% – 95% without condensation) and temperature (-40 degrees C to +70 degrees / -40 degrees F to +158 degrees F). From the African desert to storm-prone North American regions, VSIP2 EXTREME now makes it possible to be close to events as they happen, no matter what climate.

Belonging to the ATEME range of video security products, VSIP2 EXTREME leverages ATEME's renowned MPEG-4/H.264 video compression technology. Conforming to industry standards, ISO 14496-2/ISO 14496-10 for video and RTP/RTSP/RFC2326 for IP, ATEME's solutions are fully interoperable and future proof while providing flexible deployment, display, and management of video surveillance recording.

Designed to adapt to existing network infrastructures, VSIP2 EXTREME is built upon ATEME's compression technology in order to optimize video quality while benefiting from intelligent encoding features including alarm generation. This latest version of VSIP2 includes DNA technology (Dynamic Network Adaptation) based on recent innovations by ATEME's R&D laboratories in regards to safety, maintenance and optimization of network bandwidth. DNA features include a unique H.264 self-adapting and intelligent regulation mode. The “extreme” benefits associated with DNA technology allow security managers to deploy cameras at previously inaccessible sites.

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