Hall-effect switch conserves board space with wafer-level CSP

Worcester, Mass.—Housed in a four-pin wafer level chip scale package, Allegro MicroSystems Inc.'s sensitive Hall-effect switch saves board space while featuring latched digital outputs and omnipolar magnetic actuation.

It features operation at low supply currents and voltages, making it ideal for battery-operated electronics. The low operating supply voltage of 1.65 V to 3.5 V, and clocking algorithm assist in reducing the average operating power consumption. Power requirements are less than 15 mW with a 2.75 V supply.

Unlike many Hall-effect switches, both north and south polarity magnetic fields of sufficient strength activate output switching, to either off or on. Additionally, Allegro's A1172 provides two push-pull outputs. These outputs are configured such that one output switches off in the absence of sufficient magnetic field while the other output switches on in the absence of a magnetic field.

This polarity-independence, as well as the minimal power requirements, allows the A1172 to easily replace reed switches, providing reliability and ease of manufacturing while eliminating the requirement for signal conditioning.

Pricing: $0.40 in quantities of 1,000.

Availability: 10 to 12 week typical lead-time to market.
Datasheet: Click here.

Allegro MicroSystems Inc.,

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